16 June 2008

I'm going for 3 out of 4

Letters to the editor, that is. They've published 2 of 3 I've sent them in the past year or so. It's time for number 4.

Dear Editor:

Democrats = High Fuel Prices

A basic law of economics is that the way to reduce the price of gasoline or any commodity is by reducing demand, increasing supply, or doing both.

The problem is that Congressional Democrats either don’t understand this concept or are so fearful of their masters in the radical environmental movement that they refuse to increase domestic supply by drilling in ANWR or off shore. Their only idea so far to combat the high price we pay at the pump is a "let's fool the rubes" piece of legislation designed to tax "windfall" profits on oil companies.

If the Democrats ever succeeded in that ploy it's just as an Independent editorial pointed out a few days ago. That "windfall" tax would do more harm than good plus it would be passed on to you and me at the pump.

Again, the easiest, fastest way to reduce the price of gasoline is to increase our domestic supply and that can be done only if the Democrats in Congress will quit kowtowing to the radical environmentalists and permit drilling in areas that they have banned in the past.

Thank you


The Appalachianist said...

Have you seen this picture of a Judge in Ohio sitting with a picture of Che Gueverra and Barrack Obama (Very stalinististic pose) behind him?

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Yes, I saw that. I think there's one or more others out there of his supporters with a Che flag or sign in their office. Even with Communism sort of dead there are still a lot of useful idiots, as Stalin dubbed them, left around.