05 June 2008

Hitting the nail on the head

George Will nails it with this piece about high fuel prices.

You might also notice that those who whine, "Big Oil is gouging us!" overlook the fact that Big Oil's profit margin is less than Big Drug, Big Telecomm's or Big Bank's margins.


Layla said...

Good point you make here. Ridiculous when you think how no one wants to look at the real issues and create real solutions. Pathetic if you ask me.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Yep, it is, Layla, definitely a pathetic situation. The Dems and some Republicans worry more about placating the environmental voting bloc than helping John & Jane Doe manage their energy costs with some sensible energy policy.

And even more pathetic is how blind a lot of folks are to the fact that most of our problems are from the government meddling in our lives.