15 March 2008

Best and Worst States to Own A Car

According to this Forbes article, that is.

I'm not surprised Ohio was 10th best. I lived in the Dayton area for about 20 years and took for granted the reasonable license plate fees they charge in the Buckeye State.

I didn't realize how reasonable they were until I moved to Kentucky and found that the Commonwealth of Kentucky bases vehicle fees on the value of your ride.

It was a real shock the first time I registered my motorcycle in Kentucky. My $28.50 fee for an Ohio motorcycle plate became $140 here in the Bluegrass State!


Fish-2 said...

The biggest shock I had moving to another state wasn't plates and license, but insurance. In Arizona I had my wife and I and our 17 year old son as drivers on the car insurance. Then we moved to Las Vegas, dropped the teenager from the insurance, yet the same policy for the same car with the same company, was going to cost right at three and a half times as much per year

A.G.T. said...

Dittoes here on moving from OH to KY, my insurance was higher. But not 3-1/2 times higher! That's a ripoff.