26 January 2008

Tweaking Internet Explorer 7.0

I use Firefox for most of my web surfing as I've got it dialed in just the way I want it. It's fast and has add-on features that I really like.

But recently I found a web page with tips on tuning IE7 for faster performance. I did the tweaks on my IE7 and by golly they weren't kidding. It's noticeably faster than the stock version.

In fact, I'm now using IE7 more than Firefox. Try it, you might like it.


Layla said...

Thanks for this information-I am going to try it. Cool!

A.G.T. said...

U R welcome, Layla. I didn't use a timer to check the "speed", but to me it does seem that IE7 is now a fast as my Firefox is. That wasn't the case before with IE7 being noticeably slower.

I do actually prefer IE7 to browse with as there are occasional web pages that don't render correctly with Firefox.

The fact is that no matter how much the competitors try, on average it's still a Microsoft world out there and most webpages are written with the thought that it will be viewed with Internet Explorer (although HTML is supposed to be HTML regardless of the browser).

Barb said...

I had turned off the Phishing filter right away, mostly because it irritated me ;-) I use RSS feeds in IE a lot, so I won't disable that one. The other stuff I will have to check out. Thanks!

A.G.T. not signed in said...

I bet just changing the max connections in the registry alone would speed things up a bit, Barb.

I know I've got Firefox tweaked that way, plus some other tweaks. Those changes and TCP Optimizer make a world of difference.