24 January 2008

The perfect candidate

I don't think there ever was or ever will be the "perfect" candidate. But, this lady's campaign platform is darned close. I especially like her stance on immigration, the economy and the 2nd Amendment.

Originally found at Instapundit.


Ramblin' Ed said...

Yes, that was quite entertaining. However, di you click on the links? Her owner/trainer/campaign manager committed the cardinal sin of pet ownership. YOU DO NOT PUT CLOTHES OF ANIMALS!!! Otherwise, well thought out and presented.

Dog bless Dogmerica!

a.g.t. said...

If cats and dogs could vote you have to wonder who they've prefer. Actually, to be honest, there's probably not that many wondering about that.

Some folks think that's "cute". One of my sisters puts a little sweater on her little dog each winter. The dog never goes outside except maybe 10 minutes per day to answer the call of nature. I don't understand it.