19 January 2008

Me? I only get an extra 10-1/2 years to my life

Dr. Weil says if you practice these four specific behaviors, on average, you'll add 14 more years to your life.

I do them all except that third one as I never did get the hang of drinking moderately. Nowadays I just avoid it altogether.


The Appalachianist said...

When I was training up for deploying to Iraq at Ft. McCoy I took a nasty cold. I hacked for a week, finally a LYC told me to take Cod Fish Oil, I did and it got better.
I took it for some time in Iraq, but, I'd burp and taste it.

Anonymous said...

OK, seeing as how I do 0 of the 4 things, I hope that I just stay even. I know I won't add 14 years, I just hope there's no penalty yardage applied.

By the way, and I know it sounds Clintonian, I smoke (cigars)but I don't inhale.


A.G.T. said...

A.I., I think that's called "The cure is worse than the disease!"

Well, Ed, I should really always put a bit of legalese at the bottom of posts like that similar to "Your mileage may vary."