11 January 2008


The Department of the Navy is not only going rakish, but with some flare, also. US Navy fashion, seventy years ago.


Ramblin' Ed said...

OK, where do I start? "Gob" is a term we no longer use, but I think it sounds cool. Plus, it sounds very British.

Secondly, I would want a hat (or as sailors would say, a cover) that was of greater rake and "flair" since "flare' is basically a stick of flaming chemicals that would seem to be fairly uncomfortable.

But perhaps I just nitpick.

A.G.T. said...

Yes, "gob" in the U.K. is equivalent to our "piehole", e.g., "Shut your gob, you sniveling little twit!" or sumtin' like that.

I'm confused by those pictures, though. Our local paper had a salute page to the veterans around here and one 2nd Class Gunner's Mate I know sent in his picture from just after WWII and his picture looked to me like he was wearing a hat similar to the sailor in the top picture. I thought that was the older cover of the two hats.

Do they have the 2 pictures vice versa or versa vice?