12 November 2007

What's half of one dollar?

Hey, don't strain your braincells trying to figure it out. Check out this website with links to 100 calculators.

However, I've never seen one for figuring out if Train A is going east at 60 mph and departed the station 30 minutes ago how many miles will it take Train B traveling west at 57.5 mph to meet it at Podunk Junction? And more importantly, who cares!?

Geez, how I loathed algebra. I never did grasp the concept of it or fathom the need for it. Geometry? I could handle that particular bit of math. I suppose because I could see the practicality of it.


The Appalachianist said...

I was not much on Algerba myself, until I found I needed it for Wastewater. Basic Algebra, mind you.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

You sure it wasn't geometry or sumthing like that, Dan?