27 November 2007

Sharing some thoughts with my Congresscritters

I just emailed the following to my Congresscritters:

I just returned from my weekly shopping trip to Krogers where I paid $1.99 for a dozen eggs. It wasn't that long ago I paid 99 cents for a dozen. My wife and I don't like paying that much for eggs. I might understand it if the doubling of price was due to natural conditions. But it's not. The high price of eggs (and other groceries) is because of your action and inaction in two regards.

1. Chickens eat corn products and the cost of corn is at an all-time high because of this bogus ethanol fuel program that Congress has mandated. The only thing it accomplished was to line the pockets of the corn producers and corn syrup refiners. If Congress were serious about using ethanol there wouldn't be a 50 cent tariff on imported ethanol from Brazil.

2. The inability of Congress to pass legislation to open up more federal lands for oil drilling. We (as in Republicans) were in control of both houses and the executive branch there for awhile and yet you were still unable to accomplish this. The high cost of fuel today and every product that is transported by a fuel burning vehicle is the result of your inaction or perhaps inability to get the job done.

I'd like to hear what you are doing about the high prices out here in the flyover zone.

Thank you

A. GunTrash
Smalltown, KY

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