16 October 2007

New meaning for the term "fast food"

Or, if you ever get an urge for some carbecue, here's how.

I don't know about that one. It just doesn't seem too appetizing. Although, many years ago we would heat up our C-rations on the engine exhaust manifold, but that was with the vehicle stopped.

C rations? That's from the pre-MRE era but after K and D rations.


Fish-2 said...

Many years ago a friend had a small water tank on his exhaust manifold that would keep water boiling hot. He had it piped in under the dash with a small spigot there and made himself instand coffee whenever he wanted a cup. He made really bad instant coffee too, but was proud of his invention.

My Marine nephew said MRE stands for Meals Rarely Edible

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Rube Goldberg comes to mind after reading that 1st paragraph, Fish.

Re MREs, I believe that's why Louisiana Hot Sauce is the condiment of choice of the troops nowadays!

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