24 October 2007

I still don't understand how lefties get through life

I'm right-handed and therefore prefer my computer mouse to be on the right. But during my AF civil service days I worked in one office cubicle that was arranged so that I had to mouse with my left hand. It was different, but I actually caught on a lot quicker than I imagined I would.

The point of that is that I didn't realize that setup was one of 3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Brain Power.

That is if you're even interested in doing so. One should never presume, eh? :-)

Plus, I don't know if it made me any smarter... although I did get a promotion out of that job... so maybe it was the mouse thing after all!


Fish-2 said...

I think I used to have a good memory....

But I can remember !

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Switch that mouse to the other hand and you'll soon remember how easy it was do it with the other!