05 September 2007

Our history

Lee surrenders to Grant.


Ramblin' Ed said...

Perhaps you, like I, believed that Appamatox Courthouse was a building. It was not. I learned that as I passed King George Courthouse every day. It actually refers to the entire community. I suppose that community sprang up around a courthouse, but I'm not sure about that.

The house thay signed in was owned by a guy who had moved from Northern VA to get away from the war and armies, etc.

Tuesday I was at the place where John Wilkes Boothe was captured after assassinating Lincoln. While back then it was merely a patch of woods, it is now a median strip on US 301.

A.G.T. who ain't signed in said...

Median strip on 301 :-) I'm not surprised, Ed.

Re Courthouse thing in town name. I am in the loop on that one as there is a large and very interesting "junque" meeting/sale each month in the summer at the Fayette Co Fairgrounds in Washington C.H. Ohio (yep, that C.H. stands for Court House). I had a local tell me that it was settled by Virginia veterans of the Revolutionary War and there was already a Washington, OH but since the vets liked ol' George so much they decided they would still name their new town after him so as Virginians were wont to do they just tacked on the Court House thing.

True story.

Fish-2 said...

First hand accounts are so much more interesting to read than later editorializing. There were many skirmishes and battles of that war through this area. On a high ridge above Burkesville, overlooking the Cumberland river stands a motel called Alpine Village. In the median in the middle of the paved parking lot sits the grave of a union soldier. He had told his comrades that should he not live he wanted to be buried up there. Proclaiming that was as close as he would be likely to get to heaven.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

You're right, Fish, that was why I posted the link. I thought it was definitely an interesting piece as it was by an eyewitness to the event. A rare thing in history, I'd guess.

I hope they put a fence around his grave or sumtin' like that, Fish.