28 September 2007

Information for the geek in ya'

If you're a hacker and tweaker like me (on your own computer, of course) you might enjoy this list of techie newsletters from Ask Leo.


Fish-2 said...

I subscribe to a couple of the simpler dailies on computers, and have had a lot of success asking "All Experts" dot com
http://www.allexperts.com/ when I have a question on one of our computers.

a.g.t. said...

What's that term? Not Karma, but something ....froid, like the opposite of deja vu...

Anyway, I post about tweaking and yesterday when I fired this Dell up XP says it can't load my user profile (on the laptop). I've hacked around most of yesterday and today (in between doing the vinyl siding thing) trying to figure it out,but no luck. I'm using a Puppy Linux live CD to get on line and do some more research on the problem.

I can see the profiles in the user directory so I really hate to reinstall the software as I've a bunch on stuff on this hard drive that I don't want to lose.

I know... backup, backup, and then backup your files again... I have most of the important ones, but have never backed up the picture and Itune files... groan. :-(

Keep yur fingers crossed for me. Maybe I can still figure this out and save the day!