21 September 2007

I still prefer "gun trash"

Check out the 2nd paragraph where the New York Times has a new moniker for those of my ilk - lock-n-load zealot.

Plus, you have to love that next paragraph with the chilling statistic about "...gun mayhem taking 30,000 American lives a year." I wonder if they ever editorialize about this death statistic.

Seems to me that you're safer at the firing range than in a hospital!


Fish-2 said...

Why are such idiots always touting "gun control"? Don't they know history? Don't they study the facts? Can't they figure out that laws against guns are no more successful than laws against illegal drugs? They think it makes them look like they're taking a tough stand on crime when all they're doing is blowing smoke up everyone's skirt. Okay, we have more than 22,000 gun laws on the books in this country, all passed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. If 22,000 such laws haven't worked, just how to they think one more is going to make a bit of difference?

a.g.t. said...

Educated idiots.

Fish-2 said...


Anonymous said...

Pro-gun, anti-gun, or somewhere in between... I couldn't care less. I have a problem with anybody without the courage to say, "Hey, that's my opinion, take it or leave it."

While their stand on guns either way isn't on my list of things to consider in a candidate, I do consider whether or not they are willing to say what they think I want to hear even if they don't believe. If you'll whore out your beliefs, then what all else are you willing to compromise?

You know this much about me, Gunner. I respect principles and opinions, even if I might not share them.


Fish-2 said...

By the way. It's been over a year since any photos or text was added to "Garage Build". I'm presuming you got sick of the whole thing and burned it while roasting wieners, or it's done and in use. Did I miss some pictures somewhere?

A.G.T. said...

And that's why you'd have my vote R'Ed if you were running! What's with the d'RE? You're not myopic or whatever it is when you see words backwards or sumtin' like that are you?

No Fish, actually I sat on my duff May thru July, then got with it again (slowly) in August getting into the vinyl siding mood.

But also Mrs AGT has wanted to expand the area for the pups to run in the back yard for past few years and I told her I would do it when garage was done.

Well, Lowes had their fence panels on sale around Labor Day and she pointed it out to me. I can take a hint as well as any man so I spent 2nd week of Sept putting up a privacy fence (96') along one side while vinyl siding was put on hold. Started that project again last week. A novice at vinyl siding so the going is sloooow. Pics tomorrow or next day!