10 July 2007

The sky was the limit! Until they did a number on me.

When I enlisted in the Air Force a loooooong time ago I took a series of qualifying tests. Amazingly, I scored very high on the things. High enough that the recruiter said I was eligible for any enlisted career the Air Force had. Additional tests during basic training would help identify further what my best career choice would be.

I was quite impressed with myself. Me, who detested high school so much that I barely graduated was now a hot-shot near-genius! Who knew what great things awaited me now that someone finally realilzed just how smart I was!

My bubble was burst with this test that I took while going through basic training. I can see the 25 and that's it. I can't see any other numbers and I didn't know that until I took that test in basic training.

Goodbye electronics career, goodby communications career, goodbye flight engineer or loadmaster career... hello heavy equipment mechanic career.

Oh, well... you have to take the lows along with the highs in life.


Ramblin' Ed said...

You may not be able to see the numbers (166, 14, 1369, 2, and 2011), but you must have noticed how much the test patterns resembled the pattern of the mastic floors you would find in '50s and '60s era high school bathrooms.

Well... I did.

a.g.t. said...

Is that what it is? I knew there was something familiar about those colored dots, I just couldn't remember just what.

I do remember one time when my new supervisor & I were in a conference, headed for the latrine (head) on break, found ourselves at adjoining urinals and both got a case of bashful bladder! How often does that happen, eh?

I can't remember who faked a shake and left first, but after that I made sure I never peed with him again! That was embarrassing.