11 May 2007

Mr Cope, a real hero

I missed reading about this one, somehow, in American Rifleman last year.

It certainly does makes a point, eh?

I wonder how they would spin that one?


Fish-2 said...

There are approximately two million DGU's (defensive gun use) per year in this country. They don't even try to spin this, they just never mention it at all.

A.G.T. said...

There seems to be a bit of controversy re Mr Gleck's numbers, but my take on it is if only ONE DGU occurred last year in the whole country and it saved some innocent person from bodily harm than that's all I need to hear.

The number of DGUs is insignificant, the right to pack and right to initiate a DGU is the bottom line.

Fish-2 said...

Yes, the DGU count is just a statistic, but it would be nice to see their best estimate of this placed beside all the MSM's touting statistics about gun crime, gun deaths, etc.

Just checked the KY statute on my having a gun in the car on school property. - it's legal.