07 May 2007

I believe Benjamin Franklin was its 1st publisher

I was wondering when sunset was going to occur this evening and went to the NOAA website to find out. Of course, NOAA, being a government operation, must have that bit of information buried deep in the files somewhere as I just couldn't seem to find it.

So, I turned to Google and searched on "sunrise and zip code" and the very first place that came back brought one of those "Doh! Of course, I should have known that" moments.

The best source ever for that sort of stuff - The Old Farmer's Almanac.


Fish-2 said...

Once in a Blue Moon, we have a blue moon. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac a blue moon is any month that has two full moons. The last time was July of '04 and the next will be December of '09. However, this month is also a month of the blue moon. The 2nd and 31st according to OFA.

A.G.T. said...

I mark my calendar, Fish. Thank ya!

joated said...

Ole Ben penned Poor Richard's Almanac. The Old Farmer's Almanac came later from a different source.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Doh! You're right. That's a good lesson to "Google First, Post Second". :-)