04 May 2007

Common sense embraced by the Beehive State

I always thought that those signs professing "Gun Free Zone" on the front of school buildings were simply a waste of time and effort. My belief is that they are likely to be interpreted by the screwed-up wackos out there to read "Freefire Zone".

It's good to see that one state agrees with that point of view.

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Fish-2 said...

At least Utah has it right. You rarely if ever hear of these wackos going into a police station to shoot the place up. They want to go where they know no one will be shooting back. The best defense is to take away that certainty from the.

By the way, when I commented this afternoon blogger would still not allow me to post on my site, then this evening it opened back up for me. Just possibly I'm back to blogging after a few months in solitary.