14 February 2007

This one just MIGHT be a suitable replacement

I've vented about the Evil Empire on this blog in the past. No, not Microsoft or North Korea, THE Evil Empire ~ G-O-O-G-L-E

I offered alternatives to the 400 lb gorilla but in the end, like most no doubt, I always came back to them. Google just seems to be the best search engine out there.

But now there just might be one as good, if not better. Yes, I said better!

It's TWERQ. I used it to search on a subject that I had used Google for the past week or so and thought I had every bit of info and website there was on the matter. However, I was amazed at the hits TWERQ returned that Google hadn't. It was a substantial amount.

No kidding.

I've bookmarked TWERQ.

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