17 February 2007

Say what!?

We had occasion recently to mail a package to a lady in Germany and did the paperwork on line at the USPS website - a piece of cake.

Being a considerate type I thought I would let her know it was mailed and would do so in an email using her language - German!

So I used babelfish to translate "We are mailing your package today. Thanks again!" into something she'd understand. Babelfish interpreted that bit of English as "Das Paket wird heute verschickt. Dank wieder!"

Nice touch, eh?

But out of curiosity I thought I'd see what I emailed the lady. So, I reversed it all and asked babelfish to translate the "Das Paket wird heute verschickt. Dank wieder!" back into English.

It seems I told her that "The package is today sent away. Owing to again!"


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