25 November 2006

Our not so proud past

Well, well... it didn't take long for the new majority leader of the spineless weasels in D.C. to issue his first cut and run statement.

Of course, he's only carrying on an American tradition ~ If we don't achieve success right away, pack it up and boogy-out and the heck with any allies we leave behind, e.g., Vietnamese, Khmer, Nung, Montagnard, Lao, etc., etc.

Proof of that trait is documented here and also here.

30 years later and I still remember how empty and heartsick I was when I saw the pictures on TV of the evacuation from Saigon. Unlike that particular war, I don't have any sweat or toil invested in this one but still I dread seeing the evacuation from Baghdad.

God, how I despise the political class.

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