21 August 2006

He can be outrageous, but I can't help it, I like the guy

Most of us ... are not really ‘neo-’ anything. We are old church and old right, anti-imperialist and anti-interventionist, disbelievers in Pax Americana. We love the old republic, and when we hear phrases like ‘New World Order,’ we release the safety catches on our revolvers.

Yes, it's true, he does put his foot in his mouth on occasion and no, I don't agree with every word he writes or says. But for some reason, some reason that possibly traces back to the shared Ulster-Scots-Irish roots, at times, he does touch a primordial nerve in me. Words like those above and this piece from him.

In hindsight, I guess it boils down that I've voted Repubulican all these years not so much that I agree totally with the party (think McCain, Snowe, DeWine), but because I didn't care very much for the alternative (think Kennedy(s), Reid, Pelosi, Kerry).

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