16 May 2006

"Number, please." *

It's strange how you can start out in one spot on the Internet and in no time at all you're off looking at something else. That happened this evening when I was on a genealogical website located in Scotland. For some reason it dawned on me that would have been impossible just 10 years ago. Here I was sitting in my house in Kentucky sorting through genealogical data in Scotland. Amazing.

Then, that in turn caused me to think about being stationed in the United Kingdom in the early 70s and how we communicated with our folks back home in the USA. By mail primarily, but there was the occasional telephone call, but only on special occasions. It was expensive and it took some patience to get a line.

Then that in turn made me think of the Trans-Atlantic Cable that made that possible.

Pretty darned interesting website.

*"Number, please." is what the telephone operator would say when you took the phone off the hook. Yes, I'm old enough to remember that, just barely, but still old enough to remember.

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