03 April 2006

Today's "Gosh-I-didn't-know-that" Post

Gerald Ford pardoned Robert E. Lee posthumously of all crimes of treason.

Gerald Ford was the only man who held both the Presidency and the Vice-Presidency but who was not elected to either post.

Gerald Ford was once a male model.

Gerald Ford was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr.

Gerald Ford was the only president to have two women attempt to assassinate him. Both attempts were in California in September of 1975. The first attempt was September 6, 1975, by Lynette Fromme who thought she could impress Charles Manson by killing the president. The next attempt was by Sara Jane Moore on September 22, 1975. Her motive was simply that she was bored. Later, she was pronounced mentally unstable.

Actually, I remembered Squeeky Fromme, but had forgotten about Sara Jane Moore.

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