05 April 2006

Some PC odds and ends

It seems I'm always tweaking the dials here at the GunTrash Computing Center.

To be honest, some tweaks haven't done much for us, but others have made a noticeable difference in our computing experience.

First and foremost and one I've mentioned before is TCP Optimizer. Next is the Google Web Accelerator.

If you're a Firefox user then definitely download and install Firetune.

Speed's fine, but you also need to do the mundane work like taking out the trash and one of the best tools for that is CCleaner.

After running that one, Firefox/Mozilla users should also consider CleanMOCache while Internet Explorer users have a friend in System Security Suite.

Keep your registry clean with RegScrub XP or consider TweakNow Standard.

We'll save the best registry cleaner for last and it's one of the originals, ToniArt's Easy Cleaner 2.0. That one brings a lot of tools to the game.


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