15 February 2006

Cute cats and dogs

Well, I see that Ramblin' Ed did the cute cat thing and I know several others also feature a cuddly feline or canine occasionally.

I've some cute cat pictures here, but I went surfing and found this one. In fact, that's what they specialize in at Cute Cats dot com.

Thankfully, they don't discriminate as they have dog pictures as well. That's good as we've several of those around here. Plus, I know that Bosco is well thought of by Appalachian Intellectual, so we can't leave man's best friend out of the cuteness thing.

It's hard to tell in that picture, but I swear the upper half of Bosco resembles one of ours, Lickrish or as we call her, Lick. And yes, that's a big ol' Lab sprawled in that recliner behind Lick.

Hey, this is eastern Kentucky, what do expect?*

*Actually, it was last winter, about 12 degrees above zero, and we felt sorry for 'em and let 'em come inside and warm up in the TV room. They appreciated it!

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