09 December 2005

Tag, you're it!

Well, it's been some time since I got tagged with one of these things, but I see that Righty in a lefty state has tagged me for a meme on my 5 weirdest habits. That's a toughie, as I don't think I've got 5 weird habits, but I'll try.

1. ALL of my shoes have their laces tied. I don't like untied shoes laying around.

2. Every home that I've lived in I change all of the exterior lights to motion detector lights. I've had comments about that being a touch of paranoia, but I think it's just good perimeter security.

3. Since we started bicycling I refuse to wear those tight-a** lycra biking shorts. I'm not embarrassed by my shape or form as I think I'm in darned good shape for my age. But still, only a very select minority of the population should be seen in lycra and the large majority of us need to avoid it.

4. I shave my head before getting in the shower, not after. It's true that the skull shaves easier immediately after the shower, but I feel like when you shave your skull after showering there is still some shaving residue on you no matter how much you rinse and wipe off.

5. I have the owner's manual, plus purchase receipt (stapled to the inside front page) for everything I own. I'm amazed when I run into people who don't or haven't a clue where they put their owners manual for their stuff.

I'm supposed to tag five others, so I'll go for five I've known the longest while blogging and that'll be Ramblin' Ed who spent a lot of time on the water, so he probably doesn't have too many normal habits; Appalachian Intellectual who's Army, so no explanation needed there; Fish who's been around longer than me so should have lots of weird habits; Red Queen who is probably too nice to have weird habits, but you never know; and finally Kilo, whose picture doesn't give any clues, but I'm betting even a normal-looking fellow like him might surprise us.

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