27 October 2005

We rule, dude

Well, I see that Harriet Miers has withdrawn her nomination to the Supreme Court.


Now, I'm anxious to see who's first out the gate.

No, not who's the President's next nominee, but what conservative writer and/or blogger will be first to claim the smugness trophy; the "Gosh, look at how influential we are (they really want to say "I am.") We rock, dude!"

Malkin? Coulter? Krauthamer? Powerline? Instapundit?

10:10 UPDATE

While not technically the first out the gate, the Instapundit does have this post that links to an article that sure seems to ooze a bit of "Us blogs are aaawwwesome, dude!" smugness.

10:17 UPDATE

They're wasting no time out there in conservative blogland. I see now that trying to figure out who was first to garner the coveted Smugness Trophy will be like holding back the tide. Here's just a sample from a post at Michelle Malkins blog:

Bulldogpundit at ABP: "It's time to move on from the internal squabbles about her nomination. We'll see quickly enough if the President has learned his lessons from this error and nominates a supremely qualified (and properly vetted) conservative jurist...

This is great stuff here, folks. I love self-righteous people. That's what kept me out of the church for years. Now, I'm a little more patient and just ignore those type of people - both in church and blogland.

Which is what I'm going to do with all this Supreme Court nominee Bravo Sierra and blogland's self-aggrandizement.

I've got more important things to do with my time. The cat litter needs changing.

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