07 October 2005

The best horses ever, bar none

I've built a number of sawhorses over the years. I've also a pair of metal, industrial-sized, folding horses I throw a large piece of 3/4" plywood over and use as my outside workbench when doing the DIY thing.

But, back to homemade horses. There are a number of ways to build horses. Such as this one, or check out this list o' links, or this simple design.

But, if you've a compound miter saw (or are handy with a circular saw), this (IMHO) particular design produces the strongest, most stable sawhorses I've ever used.

I like 'em so much I've 2 pair now. Also, I use square-drive 3" exterior screws for the legs instead of 16d nails. I think it makes a much more secure connection.

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