05 September 2005

Republicans appoint liberal judges? So says Chuck.

An oldie from May of this year, but with two vacancies now on the Supreme Court, it might just have some timeliness to it. Here 'tis:

Chuck Baldwin says Republican presidents seldom appoint conservative judges. In fact, he wonders why we conservatives got worked up over the judicial filibuster issue.

"...it really doesn't matter to a tinker's dam whether President Bush's appointees are filibustered to death or actually seated on the bench. Roe v Wade will not be overturned, abortion on demand will continue to enjoy legal status, courts will continue to deny people the right to display public acknowledgments of God, the rush to institute a hemispheric (and even global) economy will travel full speed ahead, "alternative" lifestyles will continue to enjoy legal protection, and illegal immigration will continue to bask in the protections and amenities of federal accommodations."

I've read Chuck before and he is a take-no-prisoners, conservative, Christian broadcaster and writer. So, some may find the whole article a bit strong. But, he certainly gets the point across with a pretty convincing argument.


The Appalachianist said...

Chuck is right about the Judges. The whole thing is a bunch of hoopla. NOw, I do beleive that the only way the Democrats can get their agenda across is through the courts. So, for Conservatives and Libertarians it's a now win situation.
I suppose that I should go read the Article.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Yeah, go have a read, it's not that long, A.I., promise.

Moe said...

That was an excellent writing. I knew a lot about the flag, but I wasn't aware of the St. Andrews and Scottish relevence. I know we have lots of Scotch-Irish folks down here, but I never pieced together the flags. Very nice to know.

I went to many flag rallies at our state house back in 2000, to protest removing it from the capital dome. It was a fine gathering of proud Americans and Southerners (a person can be both,without conflict, contrary to what many may say). The worst part,was when I encountered a klansman from Pelion, who tried to insert his racist heatheness into support for the flag, on the news. This vile foolishness, coupled with hatemongers and talking heads like David Duke, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, have bastardized the banner far out of the realm of reality.

Thanks for pointing us to that link, GT. I'm gonna aim folks to it as well.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Yes, it is a good piece, rather long, but very enlightening. We've never met, Moe, but I'm not surprised you were there defending the flag of our ancestors. Good on you! And I despise racists, of all colors.

Heritage, not hate.


Scots-Irish or Scotch-Irish, I'm never sure which is correct, but if you click on the Red Hand of Ulster over there in the right hand column you'll find some interesting reading and links on our history. The "our" being America & the ancestors of the Scots-Irish (Ulster) here in USA.

Incidentally, if you click on it, have your speakers on, that song is "Hi, Uncle Sam". Difficult to understand with that thick Irish brogue, but the words can be found here I believe it was a poem written in the 19th century, then put to song. It points out the significant role the Ulsterman played in establishing our country.