18 August 2005

Shame on you, Barry Goldwater!

I had a passing thought when I first read that Cindy Sheehan's mother had a stroke. My thought was that the stroke would likely be attributed to that evil George W. Bush. Then I dismissed it. But no, lo and behold, it was premonition. Check out Pirate's Cove for the lowdown.

But really, if you want to do it the leftist way of assigning blame then it's not really Dubya's doing. Well, no, uh.. it's his Dad's fault for giving Dubya the President "bug", making him think that even he could be President.

But then again, maybe not. I know, it's Ronald Reagan's fault for selecting George H. W. Bush as his running mate. Yeah, that's it... Cindy Sheehan's mom's stroke is Ronald Reagan's fault!

Hmmm..., well, you know, if Reagan hadn't have been so devastated by Goldwater's loss to Kennedy, he probably wouldn't have decided to pursue a political career. Yeah, that's it... it's all Barry Goldwater's fault that Cindy Sheehan's mom had a stroke.

Curse you, Goldwater!

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