17 August 2005

Kitten found

Our 3 times a week bicycle ride gets us out in the fresh air, burns calories, and tones leg muscle. One of our latest rides brought an additional benefit, we found a kitten who's been gone now for almost twenty years. But, one still remembered in this part of Kentucky, plus in many parts of Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia - Chessie, the C&O kitten.

The little cat was on a siding in the large CSX yard that we pass on our 8 mile circuit along the Ohio River. She was riding on a Chessie System coal hopper. As part of that system, she had been renamed Chess-C in 1972, nine years after C&O and the Baltimore & Ohio merged, becoming the Chessie System. Then that railroad itself became part of the CSX system in the mid 80s.

But, regardless of the road she was riding or what name she now went by, it was nice to see her again. Especially for the wife whose family has worked all three lines, C&O, Chessie System, and CSX. She said the little feline brought back memories for her, good memories, in fact, and those are the best kind.


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I knew a cat once, anonymous was its name.