12 August 2005

It's not PC, but the truth is the truth

I've seen this one before and imagine any reader probably has also. But, it doesn't hurt to remind ourselves of just who the enemy most likely is. Iowa Voice has a very relevant history quiz.

You might consider sending it along to your Congresscritter or member of the Millionaires Club*.

*Which, by the way, I have very little problem with. One thing I am not guilty of is class envy. If you have the wherewithal to become rich, by golly go for it, I want you to make it (if legal and moral). That's what makes this a great country. But still, I get a little miffed that it takes millions nowadays to run for a seat in that body. But then again that's the nature of the beast so I guess you just best accept it - a sign of good mental health, that. But yet, a seemingly dichotomous outlook... hmmm...

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