16 August 2005

Couldn't hurt, eh?

16 Aug Update: 15 mg beta carotene is the equivalent of 25,000 IU of beta carotene. Some vitamin and health food retailers list the potency in IUs instead of milligrams.
Any younger reader probably doesn't need to do this one, but for those of us over 50, you might consider the following daily supplementation to prevent and even arrest macular degeneration.

500mg Vitamin C
400 IU Vitamin E
80 mg zinc oxide
15 mg beta carotene
2 mg cupric oxide

This combination has been shown to be effective in controlling the disease. The full study is at the National Eye Institute.

You might check your multi-vitamin as it may already have these amounts present. Also, I don't think you can purchase cupric oxide (copper) in a stand-alone tablet, but it is found in multi-vitamins and usually in the amount of 2mg. Note that some studies have shown we can't absorb copper thru our stomachs. But that's another story, for another time, maybe.

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