08 August 2005

Animal fun

First, some feline frivolity, although it appears several of them don't see the humor in it all. I tend to agree.

Then for those who want to have a serious discussion with Fido, check out the Laurel Canyon Animal Company. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more info on interspecies communication.

Of course, interspecies communication has been poo-pooed by Sophia Yin, an applied animal behavorist at UC-Davis and columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. Ms Yin is on record with, "It's not possible that dogs would understand the words (on the CD) or even care."

That all leads me to only one conclusion: I bet I could walk from here in Eastern Kentucky to Paducah way over in Western Kentucky and I wouldn't run into a single applied animal behavorist. That must be a California thing.

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