11 July 2005


Dear President Bush:

With the retirement of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, you are faced with a tremendous opportunity to appoint a constitutional scholar who truly understands the rule of law and respects the Bill of Rights.

Unfortunately, Alberto Gonzales is NOT that man!

As one who respects the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (especially the Second Amendment), I hope that you will not appoint someone who holds views similar to those of Gonzales.

You truly made an excellent choice in putting Justice Janice Rogers Brown on the federal bench. She understands the Second Amendment protects an individual right, and she realizes that the Supreme Court is supposed to interpret, not make, the laws. I hope that you will nominate either her or someone like her to the Supreme Court. Thank you.


A. G. Trash
Smallbutnicetown, KY

You can get the lowdown on this particular issue from the ONLY* no-compromise gun rights organization, the Gunowners of America.

*I'm also a life member of the NRA, but they have "compromised" on occasion, but the GOA, never!

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