31 July 2005

Sooner than you think

It's a bit of a long one, but for those in our fifties or later, you'll appreciate this one.

This guy is out of town on business and wakes up in his hotel room one morning with a terrible toothache. He calls the desk, explains the problem and is given the names of several local dentists. Luckily, the first dentist he calls, a Dr Stefan Jacobson, will squeeze him in and see what the problem with his tooth is.

On the way to the dental appointment he's thinking, "Stefan Jacobson... Stefan Jacobson... I went to school with a Steve Jacobson who I heard went on to dental school... could it be him?"

He arrives at the dentist and after a short wait is seated in the chair and in walks Dr Jacobson. But the businessman thinks, "Nah, that couldn't be him. He's bald, lots of wrinkles, and is an old dude. Nah, can't be the same guy."

But, as the dentist is talking to him, the man thinks "Maybe... there is something a little familiar about him... but he's awfully old for a classmate of mine." So, after the dentist is finished our man asks, "Doctor, did you go to school in Lexington?"

The Doctor says, "Yes, high school. I graduated from Jefferson High in 1962"

Our out-of-towner says, "Wow! I wasn't sure, but now I am. I believe you were in my class!"

And the Doctor replies, "Really!? What'd you teach?"

Again, the more "mature" readers will get it. :-)

Hat tip to these guys.

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