04 July 2005

Let's have more of the furry stuff!

I've posted about small furry things in the past. The link I provided seemed the penultimate in furry facts and seemed to offer everything about the little furry critters.

But, no! I stumbled onto a similar site with even more furry "tales", but as related to those who choose two-wheeled recreation.

So, for your holiday pleasure, more furry madness at this website.


joe-6-pack said...

Crafty creatures they are. I have seen the results of a couple of their suicide missions against power transformers. One of them, at a substation next to I-85 in Atlanta, was quite spectacular, knocking out lights for at least a mile in each direction. The flames were impressive, too.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Squirrel flambé, Georgia style!

Ramblin' Ed said...

Dude. You and your rodents. Still, you find some pretty bizarre stories to share.

I did like the line "Squirrels are reincarnated mean people?" on the latest link. That's food for thought.

And, are you aware that Letterman routinely tells squirrel jokes? Actually, come to think of it, if I worship David Letterman, and David Letterman loves squirrel jokes, then....well, then that would mean squirrels are cool. Right? Whoa! Paradigm shift.

Thanks Gunner.

Travelin' Ed

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Yes, Letterman does a lot of squirrel jokes. But, I think he displays some squirrel snobbery as he seems to prefer humor related strictly to the squirrels that live, frolic and cavort in NYC's Central Park.

Which brings up a new question. Could the average man-on-the-street tell the difference between frolicking and cavorting? I think not.

Moe said...

I'm just glad it ain't no pics of Richard Gere and gerbils.

Ramblin' Ed said...

Gunner, somehow I see you as a frolicker. Cavort makes me think of you in a silk smoking jacket with a pipe.

Moe, there are no gerbils willing to work with Gere.

Travelin' Ed

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Yes, even at my age I do like a good frolick now and then.

Also, after posting that comment I wondered why when we speak of gambolling, we usually are discussing sheep or lambs, but rarely squirrels or other critters.

Now, I'm wondering if I'm having a bout of Carlinism. I've been guarding against Ronneyism, but completely forgot about the dangers of sounding like George Carlin.

Gere and gerbils? I sure don't want to go there.