05 July 2005

I've been decked

Doing one of these for the step-son and the weather has been hot with a large serving of living-right-next-to-the-river humidity thrown in for good measure. The derriere is dragging tonight.


Fish said...

I can sympathize. I just finished a small porch that converts to a ramp on the shed. I needed a ramp to get the riding mower up the 13 inches from the ground to the shed floor. Perspiration is the word for the day.

Moe said...

Ya gotta be careful with building porches, GT. A couple years ago me and Jay (AKA El Bastardo) built a porch for this fellas trailer, and 3 weeks later while he was having a barbeque party, it collapsed and busted up a half dozen guests and killed 3 of his dogs.

It weren't a fun thing to see, but then the old coot has the gall to try and stick us with an unholy medical and damages bill. We shoulda paid it, 'cause it wound up costing us more than the bill to move out of town for 3 months til he calmed down. He was 'Hatfield and McCoy' mad, if ya get my drift.

Btw, how's things coming along with your garage? I forgot the link to the progress pics. Last I saw, ya had all the lumber up under the shed and showed the design plans.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Yep, Fish, it's on those hot, hot days that you wonder "Why didn't I start this job in May like I originally planned?"

Moe - the nerve of that ingrate! I bet he had one of those plastic fiberglass 4-step things shoved up to his front door before you and Jay built him a real structure.

Garage? Holes is marked and we'll get started soon as this deck thing gets done, which hopefully will be soon.

Forgot my doo-rag today and I can feel it - I'm one of those hairless Kentuckians. But, like I always said, if you got a nice looking head like me, why cover it up with all that hair?