06 July 2005

Gun shopping on the 'net

Tired of having to do all your gun shopping in person? Tired of filling out all those yellow forms? Well, you can stop doing all that and do your gun shopping on the Internet. You can save gasoline and wear and tear on your pickup by having the UPS deliver your gun purchases directly to your door.

Impossible dream? Nope, if you've got $30 in your wallet and you're a non-felon, it's a piece of cake.

First, get yourself one of these. Do NOT sign the original. Make copies instead as you'll send a signed copy to the dealer, not the original! Become familiar with the Federal regulations regarding C&R firearms and follow them. They're not that difficult and faithfully adhering to them should keep these folks from your front door - think David Koresh and Randy Weaver here.

Then, go shopping for guns. Here are some of my favorite dealers.

AIM Surplus. One of the best. Fast shipping, accurate description of gun condition, and good prices. In fact, I've also visited and bought non-C&R firearms from them over the counter.

Southern Ohio Gun (SOG). One of the biggies in the gun wholesaler business. Some folks on the various gun boards don't like SOG, but in the 15 years or so I've dealt with them I've never had a problem. Very fast shipping.

Treasure Hunt Arms. Miss T, as she's called. I purchased an absolute cherry Chilean Mauser from her, plus a very nice No. 1 Enfield. A small dealer and her inventory usually reflects that. But you can find a gem occasionally. She enjoys a good reputation for honest dealing.

Allan's Armory. I've dealt with Allan a number of times. Not a speedy shipper, but you will not be surprised by any firearm you receive from him as his description(s) of the firearm's condition is 100% accurate. I got a beautiful Ballester-Molina from him, one of my favorite pistols - a rearsenalled, excellent condition semi-auto pistol that fires the .45 ACP for under $250, including shipping. That's a steal, folks... a steal.

One caution though - this can be addictive and like any addiction can get expensive, if you let it. But it's a lot of fun, it satisfies your gun lust, and it upsets leftists. Also, think about it, a Mosin-Nagant in excellent condition for 70 bucks? Incredible!


The Red Queen said...

Thanks for this info. I will print it out for sharing with some of my fav gun toters. I like Tea-totalers also but Gun toters definately get my attention.

Keep up the good blogging work- I check in when I can.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Yep, a little known way to obtain firearms. Course, there's paperwork and some rules to be followed, but still it's nice to pick up the phone (or log-on), place your order, and 2 days later here comes the BBT (Big Brown Truck) with your firearm.

Thank you for the warm fuzzy, everyone likes to get one occasionally.