23 June 2005

WTT (Wingtipped Thugs)

I want the FBI to have all the tools it needs to catch terrorists. If found guilty, then I'm all for NFL Promotions, Inc. crucifying them during halftime. Let's call it The Monday Night Crucifixions.

However, I do not want the Congress to go overboard in giving powers to the FBI in the guise of catching terrorists. The Gunowners of America (GOA) has alerted its members (I'm one) about a particularly nasty little piece of just such a thing.

Please do as they suggest and write your Senator to not support this provision. If the Senate passes this, then the scenario below just might become a reality. GOA even provides a sample letter.

Jack Booted Thug grabbing Mr GunTrash's gun!*

* Actually, an FBI agent(s) so those are wingtips vice BATF-issued jackboots. Also, Mr GunTrash was most likely taking his after lunch nap (notice the fedora that he uses to cover the eyes) and was caught unawares or he would have stopped the Government Gun-Grabber in his tracks!

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