05 June 2005

Rare breed found - a politician with backbone

We don't get a lot of Missouri-related news here in Eastern Kentucky, so I really don't know much about that state's governor, Matt Blunt. But, after reading this article, I think if I met Governor Blunt I would most definitely give him a hearty pat on the back while shaking his hand.

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The Appalachianist said...

AGT, considering you like Celtic music and all so much try listening to WNCW.org online Sunday afternoons. Saturday is mostly Blue Grass. I know it doesn't relate to this post, wich, I'm yet to read and probably won't have the time. Just was afraid my comment would get lost in the shufle.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Celtic on Sunday? Bluegrass on Saturday? Now, I just have to find out what day they do Blues. :-)

Thank you, AI!

Ramblin' Ed said...

You know what? The past is the past. And it won't bite you in the butt today.

If your family tree includes those who fought and died for the Confederacy, then you should be allowed to lay flowers, say a small prayer, and fly their flag. Especially if it is just for the one single day. Maybe if we forced everybody into a day off like we do for MLK, then there'd be less griping.

I just think there are more pressing problems, and this includes in the great state of Missouri also, than 400 people in an old graveyard and laying roses on the graves of long gone soldiers that died for what today is an unpopular cause.

Travelin' Ed

Ramblin' Ed said...

Oh, and by the way...How come my link keeps sliding further and further down the page??? Don't make me re-name it Abernathy, the Travelin' Ed just to get some prime real estate. I'll do it you know. I'm a real pollo loco.

Travelin' Ed

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Very good point(s), Ed. Lots of logic, there. But, then again, leftists don't deal in logic. As Jim Blake commented once, they deal in feelings. Which is great for romance, music, and art. But, a lousy standard to use for day-to-day living.

Now you know how Ray Zornes felt all those years, always being the last one to raise his hand and answer, "Here!" Going through his school years with a secret hatred of all people named Adams or Andrews. Fantasizing that next year's homeroom teacher would be dyslexic and she'd start the roll with "Zornes? Zimmerman? Young? Vance? Unrue?"

Moe said...

I applaud Gov. Blunt. It's a fine thing to find a pol these days who has the courage to ignore the petty naysayers, and stand up for what's right.

The people who are always hootin' and hollerin' about "that flag is racist", are mindlessly following the baseless and hateful diatribe of genuine racist hatemongers. (Jesse Jackson, anyone?)

Like a friend of mine in Missouri likes to say; "They just like to bark to hear their heads rattle".

TDCG23 said...

Why should we take our X down when they insist on wearing theirs?

Fruck them and their CRAP music!