13 June 2005


This is probably the second or third blog I ever read and this guy really hooked me. I read everything he ever posted in two visits. He's awesome, there just aren't a lot minds out there like his. He sort of reminds me of Dave Barry, sort of. I still laugh so much at this one that my eyes tear up. But, he's been absent lately and this explains why.

Will do, 'hawk - "K" and "B" are now in my daily prayers.


moehawk said...

gotta love them old Warner Brothers cartoons...

OT...thanks for the 'Happy Birthday'.

you're on my personal blogroll now! :)

The Red Queen said...

Thanks for yet another hearty insight- I too laughed till I cried. Be blessed today Gunner.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Thank you, both. I've added you both to my Daily Stop-by list.

Yep, in my youth and then with my kids in the 70s & 80s I've seen a lot of Road Runner and Will E. Coyote. So it easy to visualize Dan Rather with a pair of Acme Rocket Skates strapped on. :-)

Another I go back to is the first piece of his I stumbled onto, Heart of Redness. Especially as somewhere along the way I had read Conrad's Heart of Darkness.