02 June 2005

The Invisible Man

No, not that Invisible Man, nor this Invisible Man.

You want to be Internet Invisible Man. More correctly, you want to be in Stealth mode, behind a firewall. Why? Because there are jerks out there who scan the Internet all day long looking for vulnerable, unstealthy computers that they can compromise.

Are you vulnerable? Is your firewall doing its job? The absolute best place to determine that is at Gibson Research Corp. Read the page (that's optional), then click the Proceed button, you might get a couple of pop-ups, but click through them and you will arrive at Shields Up!

You'll want to click the File Sharing button, the Common Ports button, Messenger Spam button, and maybe the Browser Header button. Don't click the All Ports button unless it's off-peak hours and you've a lot of time to spare. Be sure you note any warnings you're given.

If you found that your PC is in true stealth mode, congratulations! If not, then you should get yourself a firewall or figure out why the one you have isn't doing the job. Or, there's always this option.


Anonymous said...

Another good one is Hacker Watch.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Ah, yes. Hackerwatch, you can also report probes to them via your s/w firewall (or at least you can if you use McAfee). Maybe because it's the middle of the day, but it seemed a little slow to me. Slower than Gibson Research. But good link, nonetheless, thanks!

I wouldn't recommend auditmypc or some of the others as they are trying to sell you something. Gibson Research will sell you software, but you won't be offered any on their test pages. They've been around a LONG time and I have read where Mr Gibson can be very blunt with geeky know-it-alls, the company has an excellent reputation.