19 June 2005

Guess the Google

Sunday silliness. This one is a tough one. Well, for me anyway. You'll need the Flash animation plug-in.


Moe said...

After a dozen tries so far, I've only reached 199. Now all the top ten scores are so high, it's gonna take forever.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

172 has been my best so far. Tough game!

Moe said...

I have finally managed to hit 218 or so. My brain is frazzled now, so I'll try more tomorrow. I won't quit this til I can at least make the top 10 list once. Thanks a lot, GT! ;)

Off topic, I thought of you Saturday afternoon. I went up to the Bi-Lo for some smokes,and as I was wheeling into a parking spot, I saw this truck next to me with a St. Andrews flag on the front tag (white flag with a red X,of course) and below that it said "Marks the Scot".

It was a nice little word play there. Pretty cool. :)

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Whoa... top ten! That's pretty ambitious there, Moe. But, you gotta reach, you gotta believe, you gotta visualize it. Stick to it and you'll do it. I'll be looking for your name on that list.

Marks the Scot... yeah, that is a good play on words. I like that one.