09 June 2005

George Orwell, prophetic?

I forgot about this bit of scary stuff. I normally don't link these things, but this one is a little scary. Type in your name and your state and I bet you'll be very surprised. Very, very surprised. I was, although they do have the wrong birth year for A. Guntrash, Smallbutnicetown, KY.

Hat tip to someone out there that I forgot to make a note of when I copied the link last week and filed it away for one of those days when the mind goes blank and you can't think of anything interesting to blog about, but still want to seem "with it" to the few readers who stop by. But, I am sorry I forgot your blog title, whoever you are. Feel free to get in a minor snit over it, if so inclined. Just don't copy down any of my info from that site and try to steal my checking account information!


The Red Queen said...

Wow, I found myself listed under 2 different addresses-both correct. I might have to suggest using this to check up on potential employees- we are having a problem with guys who would rather claim disablity and live off those earnings then doing it the good old fashion way of real labor-sad

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

A SSI supplemental income from a disability. Thanks, LBJ for the Great Society.