09 June 2005

Economics 101 as taught by Dad Guntrash

We're starting a do-it-yourself building project that will take us all Summer and likely into the Fall to finish. I've been tweaking the design all winter, but yesterday I finally took the Big Step - spent some money on it. I drove 65 miles to order the lumber from these folks which we'll use to build the lower level.

Some may ask, why drive 65 miles to buy lumber? Simple - to save a dime. A.W. Graham did it for $2472.00 and delivered it that afternoon, free of charge. Last week I priced the same lumber at my nearby Lowes store and they wanted $2919.00 (incl. $55 delivery fee). This company, with a store 14 miles from the house, quoted us $2758.00 for the same lumber, plus a $50 delivery fee.

Like Dad told me, there's two ways to have more money: (1) Increase your income or (2) Decrease your outgo. By shopping around, I exercised number 2 and held onto a few more of my rich Republican dollars.

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