10 June 2005

Darnit, they've caught us at it, again!

Another one of our Conspiracies has been found out.


The Red Queen said...

I find it almost comical the way that howard dean continues to spew on about the hated republicans yet I remain accutely aware that he is sure making miz hilary look pretty darned middle of the road to voters.

I wanted to tell you I really like your new picture and I enjoy visiting your site. It is short and too the point and quickly takes me on a tour of stuff I am missing in my way to hurried life. Keep up the good work.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

You know, RQ, I didn't consider that. Howie makes Hil' look middle of the road... Hmmm, that's a good point.

New picture? Durned, I change 'em almost daily. Still looking for that "just right" graphic. I've come close with some, but am still sorta looking.
In fact, one that almost made it was Walter Jack Palance in his role as Jack Wilson in Shane. But the gunsmoke in the pic made him look like he was wearing a tutu. I tell you that because before he was discovered, Jack Palance mined coaled in Western PA. True story.

Idaho? A sister in Western Oregon and two nieces in Boise and I've scootered thru there several times and always thought if I'd ever moved west, it'd be Idaho first choice, Montana second.

Thanks for the compliment, I'm blushing. I'll be sure to reciprocate with a daily stop over at the Red Queen's place.