13 May 2005

Tougher Immigration Laws Coming Soon!

Wow! I missed this one. Tougher immigration laws are being considered and will likely be implemented. Check out Immigration Reform at Little Red Blog.

Well, uh.. to be honest, it's a European country. Actually, uh.. it's France.. yeah, who'd have guessed that one?


Moe said...

Every once in a blue moon, France actually does something right. Time before this, I believe, was a couple years ago, when the muslims whined about not being allowed to wear headscarves, and France stayed it's course and passed the law through.

Even though the law emcompassed all religions, the muslims wanted special treatment (as usual), so France rolled up a newspaper, whacked them on the nose and said "No!". Heh

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Well, so the French do have some glandes reproductives, just depends on the situation.