25 May 2005

Political Cowards and McCain says, "Who needs conservatives?"

One last post on the deal that Hanoi John and his 6 RINO toadies made with the Democrats, then I'm done with it. It's time for me to get back to serious business. For instance, badgering this cable channel to start rebroadcasting this great comedy.

Anyway, to the main course - I found two good viewpoints on the Senate compromise issue. One from the Wall Street Journal, which says the 14 "moderates" are actually political cowards and did the deed to avoid having to vote "in public" on the controversial issue of the judicial filibuster. That article is here. *(See Note below)

The other good viewpoint is Rush Limbaugh's take that John McCain did it for name recognition. Also, he says that McCain doesn't care what the conservative base thinks about him. Johnny Boy plans to beat Hilary in the 2008 Presidential race by getting the moderate vote in each party.

* Note below: If the WSJ asks you to register, it probably won't, but if it does, just enter any name and email address and it should let you access the article. Yes, any name, any email... just make one up. No, no, it's not lying... it's... it's uh... uh... just do it!

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